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California is known to be a large producer of fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers, meats and dairy products, all of which are perishable products that need certain conditions to keep themselves in good condition when they have to be transported to the companies that make them available to consumers.

Companies that specialize in these products not only sell their merchandise locally, but sometimes they distribute them in other states, which makes it necessary to have their own means of transport or have to hire companies specialized in refrigerated shipping.

Delcam Trucking, for example, has a large fleet of refrigerated trucks for the refrigerated shipment of products such as flowers, vegetables, meats, dairy products, beverages and other inedible products that need to be kept fresh for a certain amount of time.

We haul from the Los Angeles area to Houston, San Antonio, McAllen and Laredo.
We specialize in General Freight, Household Goods, Fresh Produce, Meat,Commodities Dry Bulk, Refrigerated Food, Beverages, Paper Products, with 20 years of experience in the market.

With a team of experienced drivers and units in excellent condition, the refrigerated shipment of products is guaranteed to arrive on time at your destination. In addition to the distribution, at Delcam Trucking we take care of monitoring your merchandise from your shipment to your final delivery.

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With units coming out at all times,
we make sure that your products arrive in good condition.

If you have one or several deliveries to different establishments, we will prepare a meticulous shipment and delivery schedule that suits your needs. We have several established routes for refrigerated shipment services between California and Texas.

Delcam Trucking has a fleet of modern and advanced refrigerated transport trucks. With these units we can cover the refrigerated shipment of products regardless of type, size or quantity.


Producers or suppliers of perishable products who want to distribute them from California to Texas, or vice versa, can rely on Delcam Trucking services for a safe, timely and affordable refrigerated shipment service. Our service is available all year round because we know how important it is for you that your products arrive in good condition. Call us to offer more information or to make an appointment.

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