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Years of history and experience. Refrigerated transport goes back to the 1930’s, with businesses in the United States starting as early as the 1910’s.

Homes and transport also begins around this time with freon, an essential chemical in early refrigeration which was introduced in the 1920’s. When refrigeration was first developed it was called “mechanical refrigeration” as a contrast to the more common form of registration which was cut ice.

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Since then, the largest impact of refrigerated transport has been the transformation of diets, with foods being shipped to locations where they had previously never been able to be carried.

While the average number of miles foods now travel before purchased varies quite a bit, most produce is grown 1,500 miles from where it is purchased.

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At Delcam Trucking we travel that distance in between California and Texas, two locations that we know very well. We have years of experience in refrigerated fleet services, travelling with our trucks in between those two states.

The refrigerated trucking companies are fundamental because without this type of trucking service we will not be able to get products from the other side of the country. It is a success to run a refrigerated trucking company because you need to be very careful with many parameters that can influence on the transportation.

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